Sickness On Board

Motion Sickness Wristbands are Gaining in Popularity for Effective Usability.

With many people looking for ways to eliminate ‘sea sickness’ without needing to take motion sickness medication that can have sometimes serious side-effects, many industry insiders are expecting to see consumers look towards alternative means of eliminating or preventing nausea associated with boating and other activities. Smething I suffered with on a cruise to Liverpool and eneded up at

“I’m a big fan of the motion sickness wristbands,” Joseph Melillo, 36, Island Heights, NJ said. “When I take the kids out on the boat, we all put them on. The pills used to give me a headache and I was afraid to give them to the kids,” he explained.

Normally, the symptoms of motion sickness do not depend on a person’s physical structure, because any person can experience symptoms of motion sickness under extreme conditions.<

When the human balance centre, located in the inner ear, gets disturbed, the result is a sensory conflict. The disruption in the fluid balance causes confusion between perceived movement and actual movement.

Studies show that sudden jerking movements tend to be the worst cause of motion sickness. A first timer or a regular, while traveling through the air or by boat may experience the symptoms of motion sickness at any point of time.

The technology behind the wristbands that Joseph Melillo has been admiring is based on acupressure technology which helps disrupt the signals to your brain that would lead you to feeling nauseous.

These wristbands create pressure signals that travel faster through the median nerve to the brain than the neurological signals that activate motion sickness symptoms. These signals arriving first – effectively close the gate for motion sickness activating neurological pain signals and offers relief.

Many consumers find the adjustable bands, are more effective and more comfortable than similar products that cannot be adjusted.

“These motion sickness wristbands are great and much easier than wearing some motion sickness patch,” Lisa Custodio, 32, Brooklyn, NY said. “I wear them when I go to Coney Island to ride the rides and anytime I go on a boat or a cruise,” she continued.

These sort of safe and effective wristbands are becoming popular with men, women and children looking to prevent the feeling of sea-sickness while not being forced to take medications or wear unsightly or uncomfortable patches. I got mine from

Thanks to these wristbands. Now one can have a comfortable and tension-free boating experience with motion sickness relief band.

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