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Columns The Month: July 2013

Published on July 3rd, 2013 | by 12views


The Month: July 2013

Welcome to the Month – your guide to July from the folk at


Just in case you’ve missed the most important news of the month:

We wonder if health and safety has really gone mad after Shropshire man Mike Stevens was told by the Royal Mail he will not receive any post unless he cuts back his “aggressive raspberry bush”. The raspberry bush doesn’t contain thorns or brambles, but hey, you’ve got to be careful with all that vitamin C around…

Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. had to clarify a report after it seemed to suggest that it was going to target coke as a breakfast drink. The “see the opportunity report” identifies a variety of ways it can increase sales over the next five years in the UK. The section under scrutiny entitled “Complete the Meal” notes that breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, with about a quarter of all drinks being consumed before 10 a.m. The company have clarified that they are looking at creating a range of fruit juice and smoothie breakfast alternatives. However the report also notes that people want to be more healthy by drinking more water but that soft drinks can offer “refreshing, health and tasty alternatives.” It’s okay we’re sticking to tea…

According to latest information it looks like around 5,000 people will have died, and more than 20,000 are still missing after flooding in Northern India. Christian Aid have launched The India Floods Appeal campaign to help. Anand Kumar, Christian Aid’s India country manager said: ‘When a disaster strikes, poor families have few as-sets to fall back on and face extreme difficulty in meet-ing basic needs.” You can donate to the relief efforts by visiting


Our picks for July are Seabird’s AWESOME return Troubled Days
is a massive album for the band that is sure to get them a lot of attention, and is the best thing we’ve heard so far this decade.
In other music releases the Pet Shop Boys are back with Electric, Hillsong have a new live album with Glorious Ruins and the latest in the Now That’s What I Call Music! series is out – it’s number 85 – and to think I remember the single digit cassette tapes…

In the cinema this July one of our favourite actor-director combos is back in the sci-fi comedy The World’s End featuring Simon Pegg and directed by Edgar Wright – not for the feint hearted but we’ll be seeing that this month. Monsters University sees the return of our favourite Monsters Mike & Sully, a great one for the kids (and their accompanying adults) this summer. If you’re looking for action Pacific Rim, the massive budget and effects heavy film is hitting screen this month, as is The Wolverine where our claw armed hero is facing a new threat – his own mortality.


toothpaste magazine July 2013 Hurt and PainHurt & Pain became a title that encompassed a lot more than we’d originally thought. We’ve actually had to increase the page count this month to fit in a massive selection of features covering Hope in despair, Mental Health, Listening, and Mercy Ministries. We’re so thankful to all those who have writ-ten for us this month, we have been moved and challenged by the content and know you will be too.
We’re launching our bookclub this month, with reviews of two great books, a comparison of some of the Bible companions that are currently available and we invite you to read some new titles alongside us.
There’s also our fantastic columns this month, all of which are written around the theme of hurt and pain. They’ve really challenged us this month and we hope you get out of them as much as we have in writing them.
Thank you again for all your feedback. We’ve got more coverage of British Artists this month with Jacob Lloyd and Rachel-Yvonne. We’ve also got some reviews including our album of the month David Crowder* Band’s All This For a King.
We get excited about producing original con-tent that is going to inspire you, our community, into action. We hope that these pages will be a good resource to you, as you think about issues of Hurt and Pain.
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If you love God, good music and conversation then you are perfectly qualified to join our team. Over the next few months we’ll be covering themes of Summer, and the church of the future, meeting some fantastic people along the way. If you think you can contribute to that why not get in contact.
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